Life Coach

Each one of us is designed with a special talent and abilities that help us reach our highest potential in everything that we set our minds to do. In order to recognize your strengths you can rely on the guidance of your coach to identify your strengths, unique gifts, calling and potential in order to enhance your chances of achieving your personal goals. By having this type of partnership you have the accountability and motivation that comes from someone that will celebrate each accomplishment, as they will their own.

The support that comes from a life coach can help ease the discomfort when facing some of lives toughest challenges such as career changes, transitions, discover life purpose, weight loss, parenting, marriage or divorce, going back to school or graduating, life balance, financial planning, business ideas. Often times is simply finding yourself in a place where you know you need to take a leap but do not know where you are going ! A life coach will take your best interest in mind and take this journey with you step by step and little by little.

Massage Therapy

We offer a therapeutic approach that gives you an opportunity to experience a stress reducing environment of peace and harmony. Massage therapy helps you re-align and rejuvenate your mind. It is one of the oldest forms of medicine and it has many benefits. Our highly trained staff will make sure that you leave feeling incredibly rested, renewed and energized. *Massage Therapy Plans Listed Below*


Therapeutic Behavior Consulting

We provide stress management, marital and parenting skills, social and communication skills, parent training, skills training, telephone coaching, executive coaching, and workshops.


Coaching services are available to both individual clients and professional organizations.

We offer wellness education, are available for private women’s, corporate and ministry events.

We also offer massage therapy services in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Interested in

Women's Events?

We can help. Our services extend to women focused events:

Beauty launches, empowering motivational engagements, networking opportunities, ministry events, corporate and private events and workshops


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